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Getting Started


You will make the most of your project by making the most of your resources. At Populore, we will help you to minimize unnecessary costs so you can save your money for the most important parts of the project. We help you determine what parts of the project you can do yourself and suggest other ways to save money and still produce a professional-quality book. For all projects we provide written estimates so there are no surprises.

I wanted to publish a bird book…using my photographs. However, I didn't know the first thing about publishing. [You] took me through the process for a reasonable price, and we came up with a book that I'm proud of.—J. Sims

We provide a free initial project consultation and would like to hear about your project, answer your questions, and show you some of our work. If you are in the area, just call or e-mail to arrange a meeting. Face-to-face meetings are not essential. We are experienced with long-distance projects. Let's talk about it!

To get started, gather together any notes and other manuscript material you have developed and consider what you want your book to look like —photos or illustrations, color or black and white, etc. Also, you need a general idea of how many copies you might want and how much material you have or want so we can estimate length. Based on that information we can provide you with a rough price estimate and help you refine your project specifications. Before we begin working on the project we will give you an updated estimate, assemble a Letter of Agreement, and establish a time frame.

The Process

It is paramount that prior to beginning a project, all parties have a clear understanding of the project scope and requirements. We work hard to ensure that this is always the case.

Your project needs and your interest in being involved will determine the number of meetings and conversations we'll need to have. Generally, we will prepare at least two proofs for your approval—one proof mid-project and one final proof for your approval. Of course, all projects are different, and we will adapt and customize the project plan to meet your particular needs.

From our first meeting to our last, you can count on Populore for straightforward information, direct communication, and honest answers to your questions.

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How I've enjoyed all communications with you…I've always loved to write but never expected to be "published." It's a wonderful feeling…Thank you so much.—L. Cunningham

About our Clients

One of our office dictionaries defines a client as "a dependent; one under the protection or patronage of another." Populore wishes to protect our clients' interests throughout the publishing process. Once you begin researching the publishing world you may be overwhelmed by the options and choices. It's easy to make a poor decision. Our goal is to delight clients by understanding and exceeding their expectations.

Our clients are individuals and organizations who want personal attention and a quality result. They value craftsmanship, high-quality products, and the information to make educated decisions. Our clients come to Populore because they can trust us to treat their material, information, and memorabilia with care, attention, and confidentiality.

Sometimes our clients work with us in close partnership relationships, others prefer to have minimal involvement and turn most of the work over to us.

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