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For Help with Writing Personal Stories:

What is a Populore Narrative?


Thank you so much for the copy of "Put it in Writing." What a great book! The layout and design is super—I'm impressed. It is also one of the most comprehensive books I've seen on the process of recording the stories of life. Not only is it extremely helpful to the novice storyteller, but also contains some good advice for the more experienced writer.—P. Yost

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
  • Tributes
  • Life Events
  • Personal Anecdotes and Stories
  • Places
  • Treasures
  • Miscellaneous Narratives
  • What To Do with Your Narrative
  • Populore Publishing Company


  • Writing Tips
  • Proofreading
  • Tips for Interviewing
  • Tips for Tape Recording
  • Interview Questions
  • Worksheets
  • Notes on Genealogy
  • Selection of Photographs
  • Policies, Copyright, and Royalties
  • Index to Sample Narratives
  • Sample Narratives
  • Sample Narratives with Photographs

Put It In Writing:
   Guide for Populore Narratives

   by Melinda J. St. Louis

Translating personal memories and stories into a written narrative is one of the biggest obstacles holding many people back from preserving their important stories.

People ask: Where do I begin? What is good story material? How do I organize my thoughts into something people want to read? What should I do when I'm finished? How do I stay motivated?

Put It In Writing is an easy-to-read, 220-page paperback book of carefully organized writing resources and inviting graphics. The book details six different types of narratives and provides the reader with 150 sample narratives, several pages of interview questions and worksheets, and numerous organizational suggestions.

Put It In Writing is useful for a variety of individuals and settings:

  • Individuals seeking to record their own memories (regardless of their writing experience)
  • Children, parents, and grandparents wanting to encourage a family member or friend to preserve a bit of history before it is lost or forgotten
  • Community group members or leaders (e.g., seniors or veterans) looking for an enjoyable, rewarding, and meaningful project
  • Teachers and their students in English, history, and journalism who need a unique text that provides step-by-step guidance for writing personal history essays
  • Instructors and students in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes looking for interesting and varied American English samples for reading and writing practice
  • Libraries seeking to provide a highly informative, readable personal history resource to the public

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