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In the News

Most people enjoy seeing their names in print—we're no different!

Over the years, Populore has received some great press and media coverage for our projects and events. Below are some selected snippets from our scrapbook. Enjoy!

These are newspaper clippings about Populore in general. They discuss the importance of our business of preserving stories and our success in doing it.

These clippings are related to specific projects Populore has been involved in, including the "Mountain State Stories of the People" and "Stories Across America" story projects; Living with Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope; and various other books for which Populore has provided publishing services.

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We like to bring Populore out of the office and into the community as much as possible. These clippings document some of the events and workshops we've hosted and participated in, including "Finely Crafted: A Celebration of Beautiful Books and Fine Printing."