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About Our Projects:

This has been great fun joining in… with [my family's] stories.—B. Boyd

I'm so pleased these stories are being printed and not just told. [If it weren't for you], I would not have taken the time to write my story. Thank you.—E. Sibold

Populore anthology authors

At Populore, we are driven by the importance of preservation. We founded Populore as a means of helping ordinary people publish their words, easily and affordably.

Reflecting our belief in the importance of writing and publishing as a means of preserving our history, Populore has initiated several publishing projects specifically for individuals who would like just one or a few of their stories preserved. These projects resulted in the publication of several anthology-type books of short personal narratives.

We've found that the anthology setting is one of the best ways to share short personal stories. Sharing space in a book with others reduces publishing costs, and fosters a warm sense of community and togetherness. Independently, each story is significant to the lives of just one or a few people. Together, all the different voices in all the different stories speak for our common experiences. One at a time, the stories enrich our understanding of who we are, both individually and as a people.


Having my narrative published pleases me because my children will have the information in an easy form to pass on to my grandchildren. Some of my family now live in other states and therefore the grandchildren will not be taught West Virginia history in school. This book will enrich their lives by informing them, in an easy and interesting manner, [about] the lifestyle and beauty of the state where their ancestors lived.—focus group participant

"Stories of the People" Series

Inspired by West Virginia's "Homecoming '96" celebration, Populore's two-volume "Stories of the People" series captures the stories of West Virginians from all corners of the state. All West Virginians, regardless of age and writing ability, were invited to contribute to the project with the promise of only "gentle editing" of their work. Both old and young, both experienced and new writers, yet all from the state of West Virginia, the contributors provided over 300 different glimpses into life in their "neck of the woods."

The collections capture the eclectic essence of our Mountain State. West Virginia — as well as its stories — is built on beauty, history, and tradition. Populore was very pleased to provide West Virginians an opportunity to preserve and share its heritage with generations to come.

The completed books

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In this age of "faster and temporary," I've appreciated the opportunity to do something "slower and permanent."—something upbeat that brings people, family, and our country together through story.—B. Farfsing

"Stories Across America"

In the same spirit as the "Stories of the People" series, Populore's "Stories Across America" project gathered the stories of everyday people from coast to coast to encapsulate our shared, diverse American heritage. Again, people of all ages and writing abilities were invited to contribute their personal stories to the project. The resulting anthology publication, entitled One Among Many: America Stories of the People, feels like a photo album, only in words. Each story provides a small snapshot of the American experience.

The completed book

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Testimonials for Living with Stuttering will be added here soon. In the meantime, excerpts from reviews by professionals in the field of Speech-Language Pathology and by others interested in stuttering can be viewed here.

"Stories of People who Stutter"

Living with Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope is a one-of-a-kind, highly-praised resource on stuttering. Published by Populore in 2001, Living with Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope embraces the Populore Narrative philosophy of preserving individuals' stories in their own words. Editor Kenneth O. St. Louis, Ph.D. gathered the personal stories of 25 different stutterers and published them in this book, along with a "Stuttering 101" section outlining the basics of stuttering and an extensive section of resources for people who stutter. The book provides information on how people who stutter can "take stock" of their stuttering by recording their own personal stuttering stories in writing. Living with Stuttering: Stories, Basics, Resources, and Hope and its approach to taking stock are unique in the field. The book sheds a very human light on the many different aspects of the condition and is informative, comforting, and a good read for both stutterers and non-stutterers alike.

The completed book

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