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Services for Individuals, Families, and Organizations

Book, n any number of written or printed sheets when bound or sewn together along one edge, usually between protective covers.

Nowhere in this definition of a "book" does it stipulate what must go on between its covers. At Populore, we love books because of their individual possibilities. There are so many different things to say in a book and so many different ways to present them. Yet, all books are valuable in that they preserve ideas in a beautiful package, a treasure that can be saved and shared.


For many years, I had longed to create a beautiful heirloom to celebrate and honor my family and its traditions. Thank you, Populore, for making my dream a reality.—R. Harding


I wish we had you publish Virgil's stories before he passed away so he could have enjoyed the handsome book you created. Some Words of Mine, so sensitively and patiently crafted by you, now comforts me, his children, and grandchildren, and recalls his voice when he used to tell these stories. Many thanks.—S. Peterson


A "split run" may be what you want!

Sometimes a book's content is of interest to multiple audiences, but you want to "package" (that is, print and bind) it differently depending on its intended audience. In such cases, it sometimes makes sense to do what we call a "split run." This is where the same material is packaged in different manners. For example, one of the split run projects we have done was for a church. Upon learning about the possibilities, the church settled on several hundred softbound books for members of the congregation and thirteen deluxe hardbound books for the pastor and the author's family members. Significant cost savings were realized, once it was decided the congregation didn't need the more elegant books. Click here to learn more about production options.

We specialize in

  • project management and coaching
  • writing/ghostwriting
  • researching
  • interviewing
  • editing
  • graphic design
  • printing and binding advice and oversight
  • ISBN, US Copyright Office, US Library of Congress paperwork and filing

When considering the various publishing avenues for your project, First Street should be the first route you choose. Since 1995, Populore Publishing Company's First Street Publishing Services (FSPS) Division has been helping ordinary individuals and groups to publish their materials. We help you sort through the options, understand the trade-offs, and avoid expensive mistakes.

At Populore, we help individuals in any or all steps of the process from idea, to writing, editing, design, printing and binding, and copyright. We will not buy your manuscript or sell your books. You, the individual client, are the "publisher." We are the behind-the-scenes assistants and consultants.

The term publishing can be somewhat confusing. To us, "to publish" means to prepare a work so it is available for others to read or experience. Many of the projects we have worked on have been of the personal or family history nature, but we do not limit our publishing activities to that genre. We are capable, willing, and experienced in other areas as well.

Generally, our clients' needs fit into one of the following three basic scenarios:



I love my book. It is incredible and I know how much work and love you put into it. It will be a book that will remain in our family for generations to come.—J. Venner

Populore made the process so easy. Their personal support helped me to pass down a legacy that may have been lost otherwise. Populore gave me the opportunity to preserve a fading part of our culture, to honor my family, and to pass down a timeless memory.—M. Wayne

1. My book will be for Family and Friends…

"Private publishing" is intended for a small audience of family and friends. Clients want a relatively small number of books produced (between one and about 20). Private publishing clients have no interest in selling their books commercially.
Gallery of Books for Family and Friends

Getting Started & The Process


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A retired professor's collected essays and poems, hardbound simply and elegantly.

A Christmas gift for her children and granchildren, the author's life story of a childhood and adulthood, hardbound with a unique stamped title design.

A charming, fully illustrated color "storybook" that tells the true story of one girl's adoption and journey from Russia to the United States, including a translation of the story's text from English to Russian.

A one-of-a-kind book commissioned by a father to honor his family and its rich military history. The finely-bound book is home to excerpts from the logs and journals of the U.S.S. Constitution and other information regarding naval history. The heirloom book is a work of art, with a special letterpress-printed Dedication and deluxe materials and design.


You have skillfully shepherded and overseen my book project from start to finish. From the beginning, your vision and belief in my purpose were clearly present as you organized the timeline and executed the production of Nancy's Journey. You have always been kind and supportive and have earned my deep respect for your expertise and conscientiousness. I am so appreciative… —N. Lofstead

You did a marvelous job of indexing the book, and the whole layout is excellent.—R. Phillips

2. My book will be for The Public…

The clients we work with who are interested in publishing a book to share with the public generally want to produce between 100 and 2000 books. These clients are interested in sharing their book with a public audience either free of charge or selling them. Populore will not sell clients' books for a profit, but we will advise clients who wish to sell their books on their own.

We help clients who are interested in selling (or distributing by other means) their books on a small scale. Clients who wish to produce a work for mass distribution, like a "best seller," are kindly directed elsewhere.

On a related note, Populore will help authors of children's books to publish their work, but still on a small scale. By "children's books" we mean books that are typically 16, 24, or 32 pages long and that may contain extensive illustrations and photographs.
Gallery of Books for a Small Public Audience

Getting Started & The Process


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Family Comforts: of Quilts and Porches, Tales from a Mountain Ridge by Jo Ann Danks Dadisman • A collection of short stories about family "stitched" together into a booklet and accented with photographs and illustrations. (Interested in purchasing this book? E-mail your query to Populore and we will forward it to the author.)

Nancy's Journey: A Feisty Cancer Story by Nancy Lofstead • A detailed and touching first-hand account of one person's journey with cancer from the moment of diagnosis.

Drifting Back in Time: Historical Sketches of Washington and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania, including the Monongahela River Valley by J. K. Folmar • A collection of re-printed newspaper articles written by the author about local history. A custom map was designed for the book to accompany the text and inform the reader. (Interested in purchasing this book? E-mail your query to Populore and we will forward it to the author.)


Once again just reading the stories made me so very happy. [It] brought back a flood of memories that were a delight to recall. I can remember selling my very first box of Girl Scout cookies to Mrs. Cobbs for 35 cents, also the first trip to Camp Henry Kaufmann at the age of 11. I am grateful for the memories of those experiences which I replay in my mind as if they were yesterday.—G. Marshall

3. My Family and Friends are interested in my book, but I may also want to sell or give away some copies…

Many people who come to us have a definite audience and quantity of books in mind. Many others, however, need help sorting this out. As one of our "advisory services," we can help you understand all the options and develop a budget and plan. This can be especially helpful for people who have a story to tell, but aren't sure about how to approach publishing. They may wonder "What are the possibilities with private publishing? Do I want to try to market my book commercially?"

Briefly, it may help you understand the options if you consider book production as having three parts—writing first, page design and layout second, and printing and binding third. There are different decisions to be made and different levels of flexibility in each of those three stages. "Writing," for example, may be anything from a collection of verbatim oral history transcripts to a carefully-crafted story.

Click here to learn about "split runs," an approach that often makes sense when multiple audiences are involved.

Gallery of Books for Both Family and Friends and A Small Public Audience

Getting Started & The Process


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I Remember the Lease Home-Place by Kathleen A. Moore • The author's stories and memories surrounding the family home-place, accented with old family photographs, softbound with a special custom-illustrated cover. Locals encouraged her to make copies available for sale to folks in the area and beyond.

Make New Friends but Keep the Old: The Silver and Gold Traditions of Girl Scouting in Morgantown, West Virginia by Ida Stewart • The history of Girl Scouting in Morgantown as told through the stories of nine former and current Girl Scouts, including pictures and images of memorabilia. Copies of the book were distributed free of charge to local libraries, to the Girl Scouts both locally and to the national headquarters, and to other interested individuals.

One Woman's Journey Through Grief by Sue Overman • A collection of the author's e-mails to friends and family that document her grieving process after the loss of her husband. The author published the book for personal reasons (as a tribute to her husband and another step in her grieving process) and for public reasons (to provide solace and encouragement to others coping with loss). The author is selling her books in exchange for a donation to a foundation in her husband's name. (Interested in purchasing this book? E-mail your query to Populore and we will forward it to the author.)